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Monday, March 28, 2011

A mug full of HAPPY...

So Saturday I found out a vegan bake sale was being held at Criminal Records in Little 5, with proceeds going to Relief Efforts in Japan. I decided I definitely wanted to go so that I could not only support my local vegan bakers and the efforts going on in Japan, but also get to eat some yummy, sweet, vegan treats! Triple win!

I talked my non-veg friend Robbie into going with me and he was pleasantly surprised with his caramel drizzled something or other and said he couldn't even tell it was vegan (always the best compliment). We also got some peanut butter, chocolate and oat cookiesh things and a banana bread moonpie type thing. I have no idea what they really were and I have no pictures, because they were delicious and consumed almost immediately.

What I do have a picture of is the cute little mug I got made by a local vegan potter. It's my new favorite tea mug and I just love it!

Oh and just as a mention; before we headed to the bake sale, we had brunch at a cute little place called ParkGrounds Coffee in Reynoldstown. I had wanted to try them because I'd heard they had vegan pancakes and since breakfast was my favorite meal of the day pre-vegan, I wanted to check them out and have a morning of nostalgia. The pancakes were good, but not AMAZING and my soy latte' was a little cold. But the guy that worked there said the vegan breakfast burrito was really great. And the place has a really cool atmosphere and an attached dog park (although it was rainy out so not a lot of activity or there), so I'll probably go back on a nicer day and take the pooch and try the burrito.

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